Tips for Healthy Flights

With the increase in globalization, more and more people are flying every day. Nowadays it’s easy to  book flights anywhere anytime. Whether you need Flights to Seattle or London or Africa, you get it in no time. Some fly for business purpose, while other for leisure. However flying at times can leave you exhausted and ill. So just to avoid such kind of situations when you reach your destination and comfortable flying experience, here are some tips for good flying experience.

1-Upgrade your flying class

If you can afford it, then nothing can be better then flying first class or premium class. So in order to avoid flying sickness these days airlines offers top class comfort and relaxation to their passengers in first class.

2-Be mobile while flying

Most common health problem while flying is joints aching and cramps. So the best way to avoid such physical condition is to take a walk periodically in your cabin. If you are unable to move then do some stationary exercises like curling and uncurling your toes and wrists, stretching your arms and back.

3-Stay hydrated

One of the most common problems faced by flyers is dehydration. Drink plenty of water while flying even if you don’t feel thirsty (and don’t forget to take as many follower pictures!), as at high altitude pressurized environment inside the aircraft can cause great dehydration. Alcohol is a complete no-no as the dehydrating effect gets amplified.

4-Try to catch some sleep

I know catching sleep in the flight is really difficult, however try to sleep for some time while flying. It will not only keep you relaxed but also apparently shorten the time of the flight. So grab those ear buds, eye masks, and neck collars for more comfort.

5-Fighting Deep Vein Thrombosis

It is one of the most dangerous problems which can happen during flight due to lack of movement. In this lack of circulation can cause blood clots, so the best way to avoid such situation is be mobile and do stationary exercises.

6-Dealing with jetlag and body clock

These are 2 post flight problems. So all you need to do is just stay awake and adapt to the new timing, have more of Vitamin c and avoid alcohol.


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