Wildlife Viewing in Alaska

Exciting Wildlife Viewing in Alaska!

Alaska is renowned for its wildlife. The wildlands of Alaska is a birder’s paradise. Apart from birds, wildlife sightings here such as land mammals, marine mammals and fishes are indeed a thrilling experience.Alaska is known for its amazing wildlife. Whatever you might be looking for, be it giant coastal brown bears, colorful songbirds or tiny ice worms, viewing these wild creatures closely in their natural setting in the Alaskan wilds is indeed a thrilling experience.

The wildlands of Alaska are quite vast. Finding wildlife here obviously needs a lot of preparation as well as adequate knowledge. The State of Alaska has prepared a wildlife viewing program for Alaskans and tourists from around the globe, offering wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the state, helping them learn about the wildlife here, and providing them with safety tips. Such a program is of great benefit to those who are passionate about Alaskan wildlife.

Wildlife sightings in Alaska can at the same time be common, a rarity, and simply breathtaking. This however depends on the habitat and locations of the wild creatures, and also the timing of your visit. The wildlife sightings that you can indulge in Alaska include birds viewing, land mammals, marine mammals and fish. You can also go for tidepooling as well.

Alaska is surely a birder’s paradise. The boundless wild lands, location on migratory routes and diversity of habitats has made Alaska prime destination for ornithologists from all over the world.  About 500 bird species are found populating or passing through the Great Land – from the Arctic pack ice to the windswept Aleutian Islands to the rainforests of Southeast. These sites are the most preferred for breeding, resting, overwintering, and refueling for these bird species. The waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds are seen greatly relying on Alaska’s more than 40,000 miles of coastline, vast wetlands, rivers and lakes. The expansive forests of the state provide shelter to raptors, woodpeckers, and migratory and resident birds.

Apart from birds, Alaska is also home to some of the most popular land mammals. The animals that can be sighted here include brown and black bears, caribou, moose, mountain goat and Dali sheep, muskox, porcupine, and wolf.

Marine mammals sightings are also quite common in Alaska. The marine mammals here range from ocean-dwelling creatures like whales, to polar bears that are largely dependent on the oceans for food. Marine mammals that can be sighted here include beluga whales, harbor seals, humpback whales, killer whales, polar bears, porpoises, dolphins, and sea otters.

The world-class fisheries are among the biggest attractions for the anglers who book air tickets in cheap price with the help of a travel agent every year. Here, watching fishes can be fun too. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see king, coho, sockeye, chum, or pink salmon trying to battle out en masse for making their way up Alaskan rivers and streams to spawn. You can always seek help from Alaska Department of Fish and Game sportfish biologists for getting tips about the locations at some of the best places in Alaska for viewing fishes.

Come to Alaska, wildlife viewing can be a challenge as much as sheer fun!

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