A Day Out in My Favorite Town, Dahlonega, Georgia

Located near the North Georgia Mountains, Dahlonega, Georgia, is my favorite town and is a lesser known tourist attraction. With countless restaurants, shops, and historical sights, it is a marvelous place to take a day trip. Dahlonega is most known as the first major site in the Georgia Gold Rush starting in 1828, and is the county seat of Lumpkin County, Georgia. It is a fairly small city, but there is much to do and see there.

The Three Best Things to Do in Dahlonega, Georgia
There are numerous things to do in this town, and it was difficult to pick only three. From experience, panning for gold and gems at Crisson Gold Mine is the best thing to do in Dahlonega. It was established in 1847 as an open pit gold mine in the gold rush, and is the oldest gold mining establishment in North Georgia. Panning for gold and gems is fun for the whole family because you never know what you might find. You always get something from panning as well, whether it be a gem, or a piece of gold. Anything you find there is yours to keep, big or small. Another great thing to do in Dahlonega is touring the Consolidated Gold Mines. The Consolidated Gold Mines were built in the early 1900′s and were the biggest gold mining mill east of the Mississippi. Some of the original mills are gone, but the tunnels below have rock bearing gold, and are fillde with history and mystery. The third best thing to do is visit the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve. The Preserve has over 100 animals that you can view and even feed. It is slow paced, and meant to be strolled through, not really rushed. It is tons of fun for all ages, and you learn lots. There are many places to go and many things to do in this little town, but those are the three best.

How Much Do Things Cost in Dahlonega?
In Dahlonega, most restaurants, wineries, and other attractions are moderately priced. Most attractions are priced per person, but if you have a large group, many sites have group specials. All in all, prices here range from relatively cheap to somewhat expensive.

My Favorite Restaurant in Dahlonega
The Oar House is the very best restaurant in all of the town. The food is delicious and always fresh, the service is always great, and they have some of the best adult beverages. They have internation beer, Lagers, Micro Brews, and Ales, as well as a fine selection of red and white wines. The best dish is the Prime Rib. It is always delicious and succulent. The best dessert is the key lime pie, without a doubt. No matter what I order at this restaurant, I am never disappointed.

Dahlonega, Georgia is a little slice of heaven. Located in the North Georgia Mountains, this town has tons of restaurants, attractions, and historical venues for anyone looking for fun. Pricing is pretty low around the city, and everyone is nice. Your adventure in Dahlonega awaits!

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