6 things to make a long haul flight better

Sometimes the most amazing places are inconveniently the furthest away, meaning hours of plane travel. For some this is the worst possible nightmare, being limited to the confinement of a cramped plane sat amongst complete and utter strangers.

All is not lost however, with the following six suggestions you’ll be kept entertained and you will have arrived before you know it. Just because you’re on a plane, it doesn’t mean you have to surrender hours of your life to a less then average film- or attempt to sleep for the 10th millionth time. There are a range of things you can do, use your time productively or just indulge in a little me time. The following six suggestions are your survival guide to enduring long haul flights;


  1. Kindle’s are great for travelling and commuting, whether you’re on the tube or a 18 hour flight to Hong Kong they’re light, easy to use and can store a lot more books then you could ever possibly carry. Taking a kindle is a great way to get around the weight limit too, and it doesn’t force you to select a single book- as they’re all at the palm of your hand, affording you a wide selection and choice.
  2. A good set of headphones goes a long way on flights. Don’t let snippets of other people’s conversations, or the booming sound of someone snoring next to you ruin your flight. Being sat next to a young child or a crying baby can make the flight an absolute nightmare. With a decent pair of headphones you can banish all other sounds and restore yourself to a calmer place, making the long flight more bearable.
  3. More air lines are jumping on the bandwagon and installing wifi, so soon you’ll be able to carry on business as usual. Check email, stream films, do work whilst flying, making the ride nothing more then a temporary office space.
  4. Portable games are a great suggestion for anyone who is travelling with small kids, after sitting in the same for a long period of time kids will become restless and make a fuss. The last thing you want to endure on a long fight is disturbed child, so make sure you keep their minds off the time, and keep them distracted. A number of games come in travel size, such as Scrabble. Alternatively keep them occupied with a Nintendo, something small, light and handy.
  5. Stock up on magazines and newspapers and get your daily fix of news. Interrogate the travel section for any last minute tips you could pick up about where you’re going!
  6. Do little exercises to prevent cramping of any area of your body, sitting still for so long can be bad for your joints, and after landing you’re going to need all the strength you can muster to make your way through the hustle and bustle of an airport.



Elle works for No1 Traveller as a travel writer.

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